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Keepa is an Amazon price watcher and tracking tool. It’s one of the best go-to resources you can use to track how a product has been selling, see the price history of a product, and find out a product’s ranking in sales. With Keepa, these would not be difficult anymore.

Keepa is a Chrome extension (it can be installed in some other browsers as well) that gives you data on many different aspects of a product. Keepa helps with checking how a product’s price has changed over time letting you come up with the best prices for your chosen products and get ahead of your competitors.

You can also purchase your chosen products at the right time, when their prices are the lowest; which saves you a lot of money in the process and makes sure you make the most amount of profits.

keepa amazon price tracker

Here is some of the information this useful tool gives you access to:

  • Sale rankings
  • Number of offers
  • New and used goods
  • Price history data
  • Bestseller lists
  • Warehouse deals
  • And…

All of this data will be summarized and organized in a way that is super easy to understand. However, you’ll need a little bit of marketing knowledge for working with this extension.

keepa chrome extension

How Keepa works for you ?

Keepa lets you see more than a billion different products in over ten geographical places. Some of its features are:

Deals: It’s an easy task to find the most profitable deals in Amazon with Keepa. There are filters to search for different needs and deals such as discount, used, new, refurbished products, and price ranges. This feature tracks the item’s price for you in real-time and sends you notifications too.

Track: This highly useful feature allows you to tag items to be tracked. When tagged, a product’s history is shown to you. It also finds and tracks items on your wishlist.

Data: This feature contains some tools that you’ll need for your business, such as:

  • Product Finder
  • API (Request live data)
  • Category Tree (browse by category)
  • Best Seller Lists
  • Top Seller Lists
  • View Products

Apart from these, Keepa will notify you when the price of a product reaches the number you want. Keepa also gives you access to endless premium data, showing you all the in-depth information on one page.

How you can get keepa extension?

Esolution is the most reliable source for you to get this priceless tool, make your plans come to life and save money at the same time. Group buying Keepa is the best and most reasonable option for getting this service at an economical and cheap price. So contact us right away and get your very own Keepa.

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