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Adplexity is an AdTracker service, or as it’s more commonly known a spy tool.These are tools used by companies, websites, marketers, or blogs to better understand their affiliate markets and make the best decisions based on trends, people’s tastes, common patterns, and general trajectories of those markets. While using these tools, what you’re doing is spying on your competitors, hence the name spy tool. Adplexity Native is one of these spy tools that Adplexity offers.

The context in which these tools can operate varies case by case, and Adplexity is no exception from that rule. So, suppose you need to know your online market or web trend, but only in a native and local context. What service should you choose?

The answer would be Adplexity Native. This service is a top-rated spy tool for local needs. It’s one of the most popular Services in the Adplexity ad tracker arsenal (in fact, it IS the most popular tool of the bunch). Its basic functionality is to research and provide useful information on native traffic resources of various markets, blogs, and ad campaigns in a local setting. 

What basic services does Adplexity native provide?

Adplexity native pulls up data from 32 different countries and lets you research your specific product or website traffic in native and local markets worldwide.

Just some of those features include:

  • Filter out the result based on keywords, advertisers, and publishers
  • Set conditions on your search and choose which parts of the ad campaigns should be looked into: landing page URLs, outgoing URLs from the landing page, redirect chains, or all of the above?
  • You can sort this data in histograms, tables, and charts, rate the publishers, compare the strengths and weaknesses of different campaigns and, with all that information, decide for yourself which strategy is going to work the best in that specific city/country for you.
  • After you’ve found the ad campaign you’re searching for, you can dig a little deeper and find more information about that campaign with Adplexity native analytic features. You’ll see more details on the ad campaign on your dashboards, such as the number of hits, days running, networks, devices, and publishers.
  • After your research ends, you can download all the information on your dashboard as a .zip file for future references.
How much does it cost?

The only problem is that Adplexity native comes at the cost of around $60 per month or $125 per month if you want the push service included in your purchase. That’s not a low number, especially for countries with a lower exchange rate than USD. so what’s the solution?

Group buying this service is the way to go. by group buying Aplexity Native, you can share your accounts with some people and, instead, pay a much lower price. You won’t even feel a difference. You can get the same services, the same features, the same product, but you just pay a more reasonable price. So contact us and find the best way of group buying this service and boost your business.

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