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Flaticon Downloader

Flaticon is a monstrous icon database with thousands of free icons in various formats, including PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE, available for everyone to use. It also has a premium subscription that has even more exclusive icons and other useful features.

But why exactly do you need such a big icon database, what services it provides, what’s the difference between its free and premium subscription, and how can you minimize your cost with considering our Flaticon group-buy plans?
Let’s have a look.

Flaticon is an extension connected to a database. It gives you access to a rich source of icon database that then you can use on your slides, presentations, google docs, folders, and anywhere you like.

But why do I need icons?

Just think for a second, what would your computer, laptop, android or iPhone or Mac system look like without icons?

What if there were no graphical components to all your files, folders, and applications? Would’ve been a pretty blend UI, right? 

Well, the same goes for all other digital things, from class or business presentations to Instagram stories, icons make our virtual world a little more colorful, a little happier, and God knows that’s what we all need right now. 

What services does it provide?

Flaticon has many nifty and useful features that help you make, edit, or choose the best icon for your purposes. Some of these features include: 

  • Accessing 3,388,000 vector icons for free
  • An editor option that lets you change the size or color of your chosen icon and download it in all formats
  • Creating collections and having organized icons for later use
  • A pattern option, letting you create exciting and creative images for your Instagram stories, Facebook or twitter header, blog posts, or website. 
  • A free G suite option for adding icons to your google docs, google sheets, and google slides presentations

Why should I get a premium account?

Although Flaticon lets you have a wealth of icons for free, many of its icons and services are locked unless you buy their premium subscription. This subscription has additional services such as: 

  • More than 3,440,000 other premium icons, which are often better and more exciting than their free counterparts
  • No attribution to Flaticon is attached to your work.
  • Unlimited download
  • Unlimited collections
  • Unlimited use of the editor
  • No ads
  • Support line

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription plan for Flaticon costs around 10 euros, which is about $11.7 per month.

 While it might not seem much, when you consider you’re paying this money just for a couple of little icons, you’ll understand it’s not a reasonable price.

 But don’t worry. With our Flaticon group-buy option, you’ll be able to have that premium service at a much lower price.

 There isn’t even a downside to it. You’ll be just sharing your account with a few other people you’ll never know, and you will never even notice them. You’ll have your premium account and can enjoy your icons.