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How does Alexa help your SEO rank to improve ?

If you are an SEO and webmaster, you are definitely familiar with alexa.com . You must know that this website was created in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat with the aim of analyzing the traffic of websites based on the number of visitors. The website is inspired by the Royal Library of Alexandria (the largest library in ancient Egypt).

Amazon bought the website for $ 250 million in 1999 and still owns it. Amazon’s policy was to have access to all the information analyzed by Alexa and to take the necessary steps to improve the sales of its products.

Access to alexa rank in Alexa group buy shared account

But how is the Alexa rank calculated?

Alexa Rank is calculated based on the total number of visits by millions of users who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browser in the last 3 months. Alexa’s ranking is based on Reach rate and number of visits per web page during the day. (Reach is a measure for the percentage of visits by all Internet users worldwide). The definition of Alexa rank by Jennifer Yesbeck is as follows:

Comprehensive review

Alexa 2020 features

Alexa Pro features are featured in SEO, audience, competitors and content. In the following, we will introduce some of the most important parts that are not provided in other competing SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc. Note that it is not possible to save and create a list in the dashboard in the shared SEO account.

site SEO checkup

SEO section

site Audits (Alexa report archive and scoring based on internal SEO factors, quality of external links, security, HTML tags and other items, this score is from 100 points and is based on the letters of the English alphabet (A: best score)) Competitor Keyword Matrix provides a matrix of keywords from which competitors receive inbound traffic. Competitor Backlink Checker In this section, you will find websites that link to your competitors Keyword Difficulty Tool offers you keywords that you can rank based on your competitors’ strengths. Keyword Share of Voice A list of sites that have the largest share of total Google inputs for a keyword. Alexa provides an overview of the website’s internal SEO along with ways to improve it in the On-Page SEO Checker.

check site Audience

Audience section

Audience Overlap Tool: One of the interesting features of Alexa is that by entering the address of a website, you can somehow access competing sites or communities with a common audience with this website. This makes it possible for digital marketers and SEOs to find sites with the right position for advertising or guest posting. Please rewrite the highlighted section below.

Reach more of your audience by recognizing the websites and subjects they care most about. In market segment analysis, recognize potential advertising opportunities, marketing partnerships, and influencers that might facilitate your connection with target audience in new manners. Sites Linking In: Displays sites that have given link to the site that you have intended, in the section of site address and Global Rank, you can check the validity of the given links. Also, in the Page section you can see the main page of the given link.

check site Keywords

Site Keywords

The most popular keywords of a site that attracts more users can be displayed in this section. In the Keyword section, the desired word can be found, and in the% of Search Traffic section, the input percentage can be seen. In a way, this method can be useful for competitors of a site. This way, you can see the most input words and improve your strategies based on these options on your site.

Check top world websites

Access to the top 500 sites on the web

Since the mission of Alexa Internet is to rank websites, in this section https://www.alexa.com/topsites

you can access the top 500 websites based on: global ranking, country or content category. This section is very efficient and suitable for all SEO or digital marketers who are looking for websites with a collection of contacts similar to their own website, so that they can find a suitable place for advertising or guest posting.