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Helium 10 Group Buy

Helium 10 extension is a premium product research tool for Amazon. It’s a great all-in-one tool that includes more than 10 different features, all working to make sure you achieve your business goals.

Helium 10 wants you to experience the same effect of the gas it’s named after: to rise among the ranks of sellers. If you’re looking for a software that helps you a lot with store management needs and research for products, Helium 10 has all the tools you may need.

There are both the WebApp version and the Chrome extension available for this software. The Chrome extension has high accuracy and more data points than its competitors. With the extension, you’ll have sales trend graphs, monthly velocity review, image numbers for each listing, and a lot more.

Helium 10 group buy

What are Helium 10 extension features?

These are not all. Helium 10 has other features like Keyword Tracker, Inventory Protector, Refund Genie, Misspellings Checker and so many more. But in the following we will talk about its best features.

Blackbox: This is the tool for product research and discovery, allowing you to search in its vast database with ease. Some of the best filters are categories, monthly revenue, review count, and price. These filters are highly effective especially because the results they show are very accurate.

Frankenstein: This is a useful keyword processor that works for making your keyword lists shorter. It’s easy to clean out all useless and dud keywords from your lists with Frankenstein.

Scribbles: This listing optimizer makes sure you’ve got the most relevant and useful keywords possible. It’s also incredibly intuitive.

Index Checker: This is a handy tool that checks whether your products are ranking for your keywords.

Trendster: This tool is very unique, showing you sales ranks and pricing over time. This feature lets you identify the season when your chosen product sells better and at a higher price.

Magnet 2: This is a keyword research tool that is super easy to use. You get to search for 200 keywords at the same time to find the ones that best fit your purpose.

Cerebro: This is another great tool included for ASIN research. What sets this tool apart is that you can find keywords that other products are ranking for, which helps choose what product has the least competition and the most search volume.

The fairer pricing for this tool makes it even more economical. Getting Helium 10 for your business from Esolution can move you up the rankings without much effort and in no time. With our Helium 10 group buying options, you can get the edge necessary to pass your competitions and guarantee success for your business.