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Expired domains are a huge part of the industry in online business. Building a site on an expired domain would help to cut many efforts that are require for building a new site and it guarantees good leverage for the new web property. Search engine optimization (SEO) experts understand the importance of using expired domains to boost traffic to primary sites. There are various ways to find deleted domains for building sites or private blog networks. If you are wondering how easy and useful it is to find dropped domains, read on! As I will be introducing you a tools called, Spamzilla to find expired domains with traffic.

spamzilla group buy

Concisely, Spamzilla auction is one of the most trusted places for buying quality deleted domains with ease which put all the domains in the auction.

What is expired domains?

An expired domain is a domain that was previously registered by a person or business that was not renewed before the expiration date. Then they can be re-registered by somebody else.

Expired domains are considered as domains that have been registered by various people or, however they aren’t renewed after finishing the contract, or sometimes are deliberately terminated. It means that it is possible to registration again. There could be various reasons behind why someone would choose to abandon a domain; one could be that the web project failed, or that a domain portfolio went into liquidization.

Therefore, domains could be free due to the owner receiving warnings for possible trademark infringement, and reregistering can also result in legally.


Why is beneficial to buy expired domains?

Buying expired domains can be a great way to:

Building authority sites: For those who are deciding to create a new site or blog, purchasing a dropped domain rather than a new one is a great idea. The reason is that with a new domain, you’ll have to work harder to build up its authority, work on its backlinks, contents and SEO Which all of them are time consuming.

Using them as backlinks: Instead of building an entire site, you can also build a small site for the aim of linking to your main website or blog. The purpose of this activity is to transfer the link juice that the old domains already has to your main site. For looking natural you should add a few articles or blog posts.

Spamzilla expired domains

Spamzilla is a tool that helps you find and qualify expired and dropped domains, and it is considered as a powerful online tool. It is capable to find expired domains with SEO worth which contain information on backlinks. It has many expired domains in one place. The best part of Spamzilla is that it adds 350,000+ expired and auction domains daily. SpamZilla includes powerful features for discovering powerful and reliable domains, that are safe and secure to buy.

Spamzilla Features

Spamzilla includes various features which makes it ideal for finding the expired domains. Here we explain some features:

Automatic Spam Checking: with Spamzilla it is possible to check which terminated area will be useful to your SEO. Essentially, it is a product to distinguish various sorts of SEO spam naturally. To give the best outcomes to find deleted domains, it examines all the past information and backlink information. Moreover, there are 12 tabs of information accessible on Spamzilla, which it examined as of now and helps you with your spam check form.

Backlinks Miner: This feature allows you to check instantly the top 100 backlinks of a domain. You can also check anchor languages, outbound links, anchor text and much more. Moreover, it is possible review the best links of every domain. It is really hard to find expired domains with amazing backlinks, but with Spamzilla, you can do it quickly.

Spamzilla Advanced Filters: Spamzilla includes 70+ filters to help you search results for the best SEO statistics from different places such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Alexa, and Semrush. By utilizing these components, you could discover those areas which contain authority backlinks for the purpose of finding dropped domain.

SEO tools: Every SEO has its own toolkit and so does Spamzilla. These tools contain different things such as Wayback exporter, domain availability checker, private domains and registrar comparison. The first tool helps you download any website in HTML format within few seconds. You can check if fields are available with the help of a domain availability checker.

Advantages of using Spamzilla

There are somethings that help Spamzilla stand out above the other competitors:  

  • Automated spam checking
  • Finding private domains 
  • Credits for custom domain lists
  • Advanced filters for auction and expired domains
  • Discovering domains with authority backlinks
  • Finding only clean domains with powerful backlinks
  • Analyses historical data and backlink data of a domain
  • The best domains are selected for automated spam checking


In short, hundreds of thousands of expired domains list exist. Taking advantages of using deleted domains is so important for those who are starting their own websites. Therefore, many site owners buy expired domains with traffic to build their affiliate sites and private blog networks. However, finding high quality is other important issue in this area which we here in esolution introduce a best tool, Spamzilla. Hope you enjoy reading it.