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KWFinder Group buy : The Best Tool for Keyword Research

It’s always been a constant struggle for SEO analysts to easily research long-tail keywords. This usually leads them toward researching tools such as KWFinder, Serpstat, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and so on.

But what are these tools, which one is the best amongst them, and do they worth their high cost? On the last question we have a simple answer: group-buy SEO tools!

KWfinder group buy Account

How much does it cost to use KWFinder Group Buy?


Something that isn’t ideal or helpful for users looking for a more affordable option is the high cost of the premium accounts for these tools.

That’s why group buying these SEO tools is very popular among the users. It’s not only for people who are looking for a cheaper option either; group buying will ensure that every tool the users need is in a neat package or extension, readily accessible whenever they want.


KWfinder group buy

This has been made possible by the esolution extension. Here you’re going to see the major features you can get with a KWFinder group-buy.

We can provide a few good reasons

Why KWFinder is a great tool, you might ask?

This is how KWFinder is introduced: “Find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty”. This tool can only be compared to itself: it’s Mangools masterpiece that has made quite a change for the better in researching keywords and making sure that SEO analysts won’t have to search keywords in Google Keyword Planner and other tools that only limit them.

The use of keyword researching tools is encouraged by most of the experts in SEO and digital marketing, including Brian Dean. Using a group-buy is a win-win because that way you’ll have all the tools and it’s not as pricey.

KWFinder has lots of the features that other tools have. But unlike most other tools, it’s VERY intuitive.

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kw finder
You get to

find long-tail keywords

KWFinder is a handy tool that helps you both with the finding and the analysis of keywords. It is better to use low difficulty keywords to make sure you’ll rank for it. First, you begin the search by entering a seed keyword in the “Search by keyword” form and then click on “Find keywords”. This brings you many suggestions. Now what you can do here is to base the suggestions on the average monthly search volume or the search volume trend in the last year and continue from there.

If you’re just starting up, it’s a good idea to stick to the keywords with a medium amount of difficulty, say, up to 35 (distinguished by the color green).

To do this, you can activate a filter based on what you prefer. This leads you to a list of suggestions catered only to what you want. From here, you can click on the arrow next to the keyword and end up with many more related keywords. This is a quick and efficient way of finding relevant keywords and analyze SERP.

You’re even able to change the filter to discover even more keyword ideas. When you’re done, you can select and save your keywords or export them. Using a group-buy will let you have this flexible tool whenever you need it, and at a much better price.

it helps you

find keywords of your competitors

One of the best ways to boost your searches is by finding keywords that your competitors use. This way, you’ll have related keywords that already work pretty well. Doing this is simple: just enter the URL or domain of your competitor and KWFinder does the rest for you. You even have the option to choose and select different locations and countries. If you cannot find the keywords that are relevant to your subject, all you have to do is to analyze the exact URL of your competitor. After the finding and the analysis of your competitor’s keywords are done, you need to make sure to select the ones you can rank for. The filter we talked about earlier comes to play here.

Choose the keywords that aren’t high in difficulty; this handy feature shows how hard it is to appear on the first SERP when you want to use a particular keyword. If you’re just starting, use keywords with a maximum difficulty of 35, and you’re all set. When you’re done, save your keywords and continue looking for the ones that other competitors are ranking for. Group buying is a good way of having this feature to begin optimizing your website.

group buy KWfinder
kwfinder group buy seo tools
it helps you

Google Suggest keyword sources

Google Suggest finds the most relevant phrases to the seed keyword. It predicts your search through the keywords entered into the search form, the popularity of the ideas, your language and location, and your search history. What KWFinder does with this algorithm is that it generates new keyword ideas (depending on your seed keyword) based on what your chosen language and location are. These keywords are low on difficulty and easy to rank for. This feature has two modes: Autocomplete and Questions. Autocomplete lets you find long-tail keywords by adding other words to your seed keyword. Doing this is simple: just click on the “Autocomplete” tab and a new request will be sent to Google Autocomplete API to generate the keywords.

Questions feature lets you find keywords that are based on questions by adding question words to the main seed keyword. This particular feature helps your website a great deal: People will have many questions to be answered and your website has to be ready to answer some of them to get a lot of traffic. To do so, click on the “Questions” tab and select the keywords relevant to your content.

You get to

import keywords in bulk

You don’t always need to find new keywords. Sometimes you may want to analyze the keywords you already have. This is when “Importing the keywords” comes in. With this feature, you can get accurate search volumes, trends, and so on for a lot of keywords with only one request. Click on the “Import” tab on the top left corner.

There are many options for importing the keywords such as copy/paste, drag/drop, uploading a CSV, or a TXT file or simply writing them down. Any combination of ways is also totally acceptable. Choose the location is the last step before clicking “Import”. Depending on your subscription plan, you can import up to 700 keywords 1200 times in a day (the free plan gets you 50 keywords only five times a day, with the cheapest plan after that being 200 keywords 100 times a day).

The most expensive subscription plan gives you this number, so group buying’s value comes into play here once again. If you are worried about the affordability of KWFinder and don’t want to spend the cost of a premium account on this app, you can try group-buying. With group buying this tool, you’ll have the option of importing a huge amount of keywords daily and not worrying about the high cost of the premium account.

I should also say that the whole import counts as only one keyword lookup. Even better, you’ll end up with accurate and exact search volumes, trends, CPC, and PPC plus keyword difficulties. When your suggestions come up, you can do several things, you can :

  • export the keywords
  • save them to a list
  • get the difficulty score of the keywords
  • analyze the SERP

 You can also click on the arrow next to each suggestion and find even more related keywords to your main keywords.

kwfinder import keyword in bulk
kwfinder search by keyword

You can

organize keywords with keyword lists

With KWFinder, you can create your list for the best keywords related to your content. You get to edit, export, and delete your lists whenever you want and organize your keywords lists. When you’re done finding and analyzing the keywords you’re planning to use, it’s always a good thing to save them all in one organized list.

To start making your list, select the keywords you find relevant to your work, and click on the “Add to list” tab on the bottom of the page. You can also update a list if you already have one. A little star next to the keywords shows if they have already been added to a list or not. Creating lists has no limit. You can make as many lists as you want, and each of them has a 1000 keywords capacity. This way, you can stay organized and have lists for as many websites or clients as needed.

Each list has cumulated pieces of information based on the keywords in it, including search volume summary, average keyword difficulty, and so on. You can also have a handy “edit” option any time you want. You can add to the lists, remove certain keywords, and add them to other lists, download them or delete them altogether. You can even rename the list whenever necessary.

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