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Majestic SEO Group Buy Is All You Need

To be sure, a website’s design is as important as updating the content to be more engaging and useful. But that’s not all. You need SEO to ensure your website’s success. It’s much more reliable to use SEO tools for this purpose.


Not all SEO tools are useful. To make sure you’re moving up in the rankings of Google, you’ll need reliable tools that give you your money’s worth. One such tool is Majestic.com.

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Majestic has intuitive graphic sections to make data analysis easier.

What is Majestic ?

Majestic is one of the most advanced and complete SEO tools in the market. The main focus of Majestic is on the main elements related to the domain. It’s one of those all-in-one SEO tools that specializes in backlinks.

It’s the most significant backlink index currently available, and it was first introduced in 2011. It’s got a wide range of backlink data that you can’t find in any other tool.

Majestic does offer a free plan, but it’s limited to a certain number of searches. If you want the full version -which we recommend- esolution has a Majestic Group Buy  offer for you to reduce your costs and focus on the improvement of your website.

Unique features of Majestic

Now, what can you do with a Majestic Group Buy ?

You’ll get :

What Majestic’s data and analysis can do:

  • With a Majestic Group Buy , you’re able to guide your SEO to get more traffic from search engines like Google
  • See what content is doing something for your progress and what content is useless
  • See what your competitors are doing and use their strategies
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What the Majestic Group Buy offers

Majestic’s Site Explorer is its main feature. This section gives you essential metrics. I’ve already talked about Trust Flow and Citation Flow, but there’s another component as well. Topical Trust Flow is the importance of a website by industry.

After checking these out, you get to look at the number of external backlinks, referring domains ( the number of sites that link out to you), referring IPs, and referring subnets. The Majestic Group Buy also provides graphs that give you useful information.

You can get backlink breakdown as well with the Majestic SEO Group Buy. This shows the different types of backlinks, such as text, images, frames, and redirects.

With the Majestic Group Buy, you can have access to its Compare Tool. What does it do? It’s a handy tool that lets you compare up to 10 domains side by side. It gives you graphs to make the comparison a lot easier.

Another feature accessible with the Majestic Group Buy is Backlink History. It’s a graph that shows you the number of new backlinks gained over time.

Clique Hunter is my personal favorite tool in the Majestic Group Buy. It gives you information on what websites are backlinking to more than one site you’re checking and analyzing. This is especially helpful for finding link building opportunities.

URL Submitter gives you the ability to add 100 links ( if you’re using the Majestic Group Buy plan) and crawl them. It’s one of the greatest SEO crawlers and gives you comprehensive information on a website or even a competitor.

Why should I use Majestic Group Buy ?

With Majestic Group Buy, all you have to do is to copy and paste the domain you want to check in the input box, and you’ll get the backlink profile information. It’s very easy to do, and the interface is pretty intuitive.

Majestic Group Buy is especially great because to get the premium lite version, you should pay 50 dollars a month. The PRO version costs you 100$ a month and the API, 400$, which is a large amount to many people.

But with a Majestic Group Buy SEO Tools, the cost will be shared within a group, making it a cheap and efficient plan.


There are many other features and tools you can use, and I've only scratched the surface. You should check them out for yourself via Esolution’s Majestic Group Buy plan, to make sure you’ll have access to everything. Majestic SEO Group Buy has one of the best data quality in any SEO tool on the market.

At the end of the day, Majestic has so many qualities that will come in handy when you do advanced SEO. The problem of its high cost is also easily solved with Esolution’s Majestic Group Buy plan.

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