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Ahrefs Group Buy And Its Features in 2020

Ahrefs is one of the most popular web analytics tools and Seo Group Buy Tools among digital marketers and SEO workers, which is used to analyze competitors, check backlinks, rank and value URLs, review the most important pages and contents, and other important site details.

In addition to being widely used in SEO, Ahrefs is used by all people who are proficient in digital marketing, owing to its ability to analyze keywords as well as rank websites. It is interesting to know that Ahrefs uses different metrics to check websites that are unique.

Ahrefs Group Buy Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Use Ahrefs?​​

Over the past few years, Ahrefs has been offering free accounts. But this is not possible at the moment, and its accounts are priced at $99 to  $999.

As a result, the use of shared SEO accounts has become more popular among SEOs who are not members of a large company or organization. The reason for the popularity of shared SEO accounts and Ahrefs group buy accounts is that the service is cheap and easy to access, like the original premium account.

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ahrefs keyword research
Keyword research tool

analyzing competitors’ keywords

Using the keyword research report, you will find the best ideas for keywords that will help improve your site’s ranking. The data for this section is also collected by the dedicated crawlers of this tool. Provide a list of keywords for which your competitor is optimizing in order to be distinguished from other tools such as Google keyword planner. Access to keywords that your competitor has “adwords” ads on, is another thing that you have access to in reports.

Backlinks checker

Checking internal and outbound backlinks


If you’re trying to rank your site for a word, you’ve probably checked the number of external backlinks. But what about the internal links on that page? You can check the statistics of internal links to a page by selecting “Best by links” in this tool and selecting the internal option . The importance of internal links is determined when you change the page position in Google to a few ranks with a strategic move and a few internal links.

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ahrefs backlink checker
Keyword Research

find best keywords in 10 search engines

Most keyword research tools show Google-based evaluation results. Although you should not forget that you can have incoming traffic from other search engines. Even if you don’t care about Bing, Yandex, Baidu, or Yahoo search engines, never forget youtube as the second most popular search engine among users. In Ahrefs, you can access hundreds of keywords related to search information, keyword difficulty, and other information such as click number, return rate etc.

Find Organic Traffic

Provide a complete report of organic search

Ahrefs comprehensively reviews your website. As a result, it provides a complete picture with details of the steps to improve your site’s ranking based on organic keywords, top site pages, top subdomains, top folders and domains that are competing with you with the ability to filter based on different countries and also pages from competing sites. As a result, based on these information, as well as the content gap that it provides, you can find a complete strategy to improve your site’s ranking in search engines.

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Backlink Reports

Comprehensive backlink review report

What makes Ahrefs famous among SEOs is the complete reporting of the backlinks of the site and even the competitor’s website. According to the competitor’s backlink report, you can find new opportunities to get backlinks from high-authority websites.

It is interesting to know that unlike other backlink review tools such as: SEMrush, Moz, or Majestic, this tool has its own special crawlers that, like Googlebot, crawls websites and it does not extract its information from any other websites such as Google, Alexa, etc. Backlink classification based on .com, .net, .org, etc. domain extensions, backlink type (follow, nofollow, redirect, educational,…), Backlink classification based on platform (blog, ecommerce, wikis, message boards, 2), language and traffic, as well as graphs based on the history of creating backlinks are among the unique features of this SEO and digital marketing tool.

About Ahrefs Crawlers

According to Helen, information about indexed backlinks is updated every 15 minutes.


Regarding special crawlers, Helen, one of the ahref employees says: We have our own search crawlers that work 24/7 and use data from our independent database. We are not affiliated with other search engines or similar services to use their data (meaning we do not use the output from Alexa, Altavista, Google, Webalta, etc.). We are proud of having the largest index of live backlinks that gets updated every 15 minutes. We process large amounts of clickstream data to maintain the world’s largest third-party database of search queries with estimated monthly search volume and advanced keyword research metrics.

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