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Curiosity Stream Account and its Alternatives

Curiosity Stream free account launched in May with a unique offering of factual programming and scientific documentaries, Curiosity Stream account free has quickly become one of the top streaming services on the market today. With options for both HD and 4K streaming, this service is perfect for anyone looking to learn something new without breaking the bank. With hundreds of hours of programming added each month and an impressive library of content available on-demand, Curiosity Stream is dedicated to providing its members with high-quality, legal streaming options that will keep them engaged and informed.

Esolution.center as one of the best services is offering Curiosity Stream premium account at the cheapest price in the market.

What is Curiosity Stream Free Account?

Curiosity Stream free account service allows you to access thousands of documentaries and short films across various genres, with multiple search tools available. Including science, history, technology, nature, quantum physics, science, space exploration. For the younger members of the family in Curiosity Stream account free, there is a section that offers both entertainment and educational activities!

You can watch thousands of options, award-winning feature films, and documentaries on multiple devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs and Apple TV with Curiosity Stream. It is better than cable channels, no doubt about it.

Curiosity Stream free account
curiosity stream free

Curiosity Stream account free Features

Although Curiosity Stream free account doesn’t have Cloud DVR or a free trial, it includes other important features which are stare in the following: 

  • Having Mobile app – Curiosity Stream has own mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices. 
  • Watching Offline – Curiosity Stream mobile app allows you to download titles for offline viewing. To watch a complete series offline, you must download each episode separately by navigating to them individually.

Kids mode – While Curiosity Stream content is primarily educational, not all of it is appropriate for children. In order to apply this mode to all devices and apps streaming on the account, you can toggle it on or off in the settings screen.

Is Curiositystream Free?

The Curiosity Stream website currently does not offer a free trial. A 7-day free trial has been offered by CuriosityStream in the past and may be offered again in the future.

However, for those who signed up through its Amazon Prime Video channel, Curiosity Stream free trial is possible a week to test.

is curiositystream free
Curiosity Stream price

Curiosity Stream Alternatives:

Here are some best Curiosity Stream alternatives:


Philo offers Live TV access at $25. In terms of the channel lineup, it has a little bit for everyone, from news channels like BBC World News to the Discovery Channel. 



Mubi is another Curiosity Stream free alternative. It offers a daily selection of 30 curated movies, as well as a large library of films from previous rotations.


Magnolia Selects 

Magnolia Selects is accessible on a variety of devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, desktops, and Roku devices. 



Watching VICE TV is possible with the right cable or streaming subscription. On media players such as Roku, VICE TV’s app provides free episodes of its renowned documentaries via YouTube and its online site.

Curiosity Stream Price and Plans:

There are two options of plans to choose from. The standard price for Curiosity Stream is $2.99 per month. Get access to this amazing offer for just $19.99 per year. If you want to enjoy 4K Ultra HD streaming, you’ll have to pay a little more each month or year for the premium plan. The monthly cost is $9.99 or $69.99 yearly. 

In conclusion, Curiosity Stream free account is an absolutely amazing platform that offers a huge library of factual and interesting content that is sure to keep you engaged and informed. And with the ability to save and manage your favorite content on-demand, you’ll never miss out on anything new and exciting. And if you’re convinced that Curiosity Stream account free is one of the best streaming services, head over to esolution.center to buy cheap Curiosity Stream and start exploring even more unique and premium content.