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Jungle Scout Group Buy

finding your way in jungles of the Amazon

Jungle Scout is a research tool for Amazon products. It is one of the many e-commerce databases that help Amazon users discover and select merchandise, choose suppliers and so on.

To launch your Amazon business and profit from it, you need a software like Jungle Scout that improves your chances of success.

With Jungle Scout, you get to analyze keywords and estimate sales, all in all accessing data that is not shown to the public, while also checking what your competitors are up to with its easy-to-use dashboard.

Introducing the capabilities of the jungle scout

Jungle Scout’s database covers more than 70 million Amazon products, equipped with filters that let you evaluate them with ease. Some of these filters can let you explore high-demand or low-competition products, which will come in handy when you want to start or develop your own business.

With Jungle Scout, you’re notified of suggestions about which products are the best and the most profitable to sell for your purposes. It’s especially useful because it comes in both WebApp and Chrome extension, letting you access hidden gems.

Hidden gems are basically quality products that people want and need, but fewer business owners sell. This helps you kickstart your business with a product that will sell quickly, while you get to track how that product sells in the long term.

How does viral launch work?

As we mentioned, Jungle Scout has a website subscription and a Chrome extension. These two have different uses:

  • The Chrome extension is found in the essential jump-starter package, which is 19$ a month. The difference between the extension and the website application is that, with the Chrome extension, you can’t find hidden products and can only evaluate them and analyze keywords you already have.
  • Competitive Intelligence: With this feature, getting insight into your competitors’ keywords will be a simple task. You’ll get to analyze the ranks of keywords, their search volumes, and more. It’s also a great tool to see what keywords sell your products the best.

You should think about what your purpose is and how serious you are about your Amazon business. It’s great to have both features at your disposal, because both are very useful for a professional. for boosting your business you should use SEO tools, we provide all group buy seo tools to enjoy using all group buy tools like a ghost. 


Jungle Scout is one of those softwares that always keep on improving. It’s now one of the most useful and powerful Amazon research tools on the market, guiding you through all the steps of finding, choosing and selling products while having after-sales support as well.

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