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Powtoon Group buy: The easiest way to make videos

With the evolution of communication, we must find new paths to share our messages with our target audience.

If you’re trying to make an announcement, pitch an idea, present a lecture, introduce yourself as a teacher, or anything of this sort, making videos of the topic is an effective way to do it. powtoon login services we offer are the perfect platform for making such videos.

Powtoon Free

Why Use Powtoon ?

Typically, making videos costs time, money, and resources that not everybody has at their disposal.With Powtoon free services offered by us, you can save money and produce professional videos in no time without all the trouble of hiring an expert or downloading fancy apps to edit your videos.

Here are a few examples of where making Powtoon download videos can be memorably effective, especially in these trying times when remote working and teaching are necessary :

Communications within your organization

Are you tired of overloaded inbox and outbox in your email? Why not use Powtoon free services to make short videos and animations to inform and notify your employees and coworkers?

Some of the animated characters to choose from for your Powtoon video


Market your trade name with short, captivating videos demonstrating your goods and services using Powtoon free of charge.


powtoon for students

Whether you’re a Scholar or a professor, you can impress others with your Powtoon videos.

As a teacher, you can use Powtoon free services to make engaging videos about the subject you are to teach, the class goals, and so on. As a student, use Powtoon freely for lab or book reports, presentations, even CV, and be unforgettable.

Powtoon also has a Photoshop extension that you can download easily. This extension is the best and the quickest way to turn your designs into videos.

Furthermore, many Major companies use Powtoon. Such as Coca Cola, Starbucks, eBay, Costco, etc. So, if you want your ideas to be successful too, you should give it a try.

How to use Powtoon

Powtoon group buy is an extremely user-friendly platform. Here’s all you have to do:

Choose a category of the video you want to make.
Choose your Powtoon free template in the professionally designed wide-ranging yet relevant sea of Powtoon templates. Or you can pick a blank one and start everything from scratch yourself.

There are varied loveable animated characters in different situations that you can choose from to star in your Powtoon video! Or, again, you can upload your content.

After that, you can effortlessly adjust the timestamps of the texts and pictures coming up, using the “Timeline” feature of Powtoon free of charge.
There are also features for you to do voiceovers on the videos, upload original videos, and much more.

Powtoon Premium

Powtoon has three premium plans that you can subscribe to, either monthly or annually.


1. Powtoon Pro (19$ per month, or 98$ annually)

  • You can make videos as long as ten minutes
  • You can download five videos, in MP4 format, without the Powtoon logo each month.
  • You have the rights to the commercial use of your Powtoon video.
  • You have access to a 2 GB storage.

2. Powtoon Pro + (59$ per month, or 197$ annually)

This version of Powtoon premium is almost the same as the previous except that:

  • You can make videos as long as twenty minutes
  • You can download an unlimited number of videos without the Powtoon logo
  • You have a storage of 10 GB

3. Powtoon Agency (99$ per month, or 1188$ annually)

This version has all the advantages of the previous versions as well as:

  • You can make videos as long as thirty minutes
  • You have a storage of 100 GB
  • You have the rights of selling your Powtoon video to a third party
  • You can upload custom or original fonts of your liking
  • You have access to advanced animation

All of this, whereas, with the official Powtoon free, you only get 100 MB storage, can’t make videos that are longer than three minutes, and can’t extract videos without the Powtoon watermark.

You also have no access to unlimited royalty-free music and objects available for the premium versions on the platform.

There are two plans specified for different customers: business and education. these plans are available and can be more efficient for saving money:

The education program

1. Students (4 $ Per month)
  • Access to the content of the Pro Powtoon version
  • Access to the storage of 2 GB
    Full privacy
  • Videos up to ten minutes long
2. Teachers (6 $ Per month)
  • Unlimited access to all the content
  • Classrooms of up to 10 students
  • Access to the storage of 10 GB
  • Videos up to 20 minutes long
3. Classroom (10 $ per month)
  • Same as the plan for teachers, except that you can have 60 or more students.

The business program

1. Teams
  • Storage of 50 GB per user
  • Unlimited exports/downloads
  • Access to advanced animation
  • Admin features
2. Corporates: All the previous, as well as:
  • Storage of 250 GB per user
  • A success manager dedicated to your group
  • Private domain with 2FA & SSO
  • Security compliant of your corporate’s information
  • Trademark toolkit for your corporate
3. Enterprises: All the previous, as well as:
  • Storage of 1 TB per user
  • Personalized training
  • Success assurance
  • Aggregated licensing
  • Expense budgeting and allocation
  • Contracts on your enterprise’s terms

But even with these programs, one might still think that the services are pricey, one might also want to have access to unlimited Powtoon freely!

This platform’s point is to be easily accessible for all to make videos, especially animated videos that used to be so hard and costly to produce and needed professionals for doing so, without spending much budget.

So that’s why we recommend our Powtoon gratis. With our Powtoon crack, you can have all the unlimited features of the premium versions of Powtoon free of charge. Save money and use Powtoon gratis.

Contact us for advice on buying the right tools

Powtoon is a great service for making educational, advertisement or business videos in ready templates for all kinds of different usages.

Unfortunately, the cost of Powtoon premium account might seem too much for many people who will find this service ideal for their purposes.

With our Powtoon free cracks available for you, you can access all these services and make the best videos possible in your field.