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Chess.com Free Account Review

Chess.com free account is one of the best platforms for those who are chess enthusiast and looking for a free way to play online. While chess.com free trial is a great way to get started and practice your skills. It important to keep in mind that there are some chess.com’s free account limitations to what you can do with an account. Esolution.center offers chess.com premium free or at cheapest price in the market. With chess.com account you could enjoy the premium membership.

What is chess.com Free Account?

Online, Chess.com is well-known for its chess games, and it is one of the most popular ones that many players use for their games. With Chess.com free account, you get a lot of advantages, and the first thing you need is the ability to play unlimited chess with all different settings. It is possible to study moves online or against a computer opponent.

Chess.com account free offers hundreds of game options and puzzles online or with artificial technology, as well as training and hundreds of educational resources.


chess.com free account

Main features of Chess.com Free Membership

Features of Chess.com Free Membership include:
• Learning about achievements and rewards
• Sending friends cheers and badges
• View and study your entire game archive
• Parts and boards can be customized
• Start your own blog
• Write about it on the forums
• Explore master games

Chess.com free account limits:

There are several levels of certification for Chess.com, and after the free version, you have gold, platinum, and diamond options.
In Gold, you reap the benefits of no advertisements that can hinder your focus. The profile page also provides advanced editing tools for users. Build your own exclusive club and unlock every single endgame position for analysis. You will not see chess.com Free Account limits in Gold membership.

chess.com free account

How to Get 7-days chess.com Free Trial?

7-day chess.com free account allows you to test your Diamond Premium subscription through Chess.com. You can try any plan, gold, platinum, or diamond for free until the trial is over.
When the trial is over, you will be charged a monthly fee that ranges from 2 euros per month to 6 euros depending on the subscription you have chosen.

1. Sign up for Chess.com
2. Go to the menu on the left
3. Click Free trial
4. Start a free trial in Gold, Platinum, or Diamond.

To avoid being charged when the subscription ends, don’t forget to cancel it. If you liked it, it should be worthwhile to continue subscriber, since it offers many advantages to improve chess.

free chess.com account

Chess.com Premium Free Alternatives:

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to play chess, Chess.com Premium Free has been the go-to tool for many chess lovers. However, there are other alternatives that can give you similar results and even more features. In the below, you will see some Chess.com Premium Free Alternatives:

• Lichess
As Chess.com premium free is, Lichess offers all its basic features, a large community, many game types, tutorials, puzzles, and livestreams. Simple forms are provided on the site.

• Board Game Arena
Board Game Arena also offers online versions of just about every tabletop game you can remember.

• Shredder Chess
Shredder Chess (available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows) is a simple and excellent training app that provides puzzles and an AI that mimics human play and can adjust its strength to match yours.

• Chess With Dr. Wolf
The training app Learn Chess With Dr. Wolf displays the chiseled face of an old man-you can change his race and gender as the countenance of the AI, which coaches you with every move and adjusts.

Chess.com Premium Pricing and Plan

Here, you will see the Chess.com Premium free and its Pricing:

Chess.com Gold –3 Month-$1.99 and 6 Month-$4.99
Chess.com Platinum – 1 Month-$1.99, 3 Month-$3.99, 6 Month-$6.99 and 1 Year-$9.99
Chess.com Diamond – 1 Month-$2.99, 3 Month-$6.99, 6 Month-$9.99 and 1 Year-$14.99

However, if you find chess.com premium free account expensive, don’t worry esolution.center offers chess.com free account. In order to get chess.com subscription with reasonable price, please feel free to contact us.

chess.com free account