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What Is Ahrefs groupbuy?

If you are a webmaster or you are optimizing your website for search engines, then you will need a tool to do so. Nowadays SEO technics are changing rapidly, therefore various tools have been developed to help website administrators with SEO. For sure you know many of these tools or maybe you have used some of them. One of the most famous tools is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a powerful tool allowing you to have an optimized website on the web.

Ahrefs is consisted of different tools that allows you to analyze your website. Also you can analyze your competitors’ websites. Ahrefs provides you almost all tools you need. It uses crawlers and indexes developed by itself. Ahrefs claims that their index is consisted of more than one trillion websites! In addition, the list is regularly updated and provides new information to users.

Now let’s have a closer look to Ahrefs.

Backlink Profile

Before anything else, Ahrefs is a tool to check backlinks of a website. There’s no doubt that Ahrefs is one of the best tools for checking backlinks on the web. A good backlink portfolio is necessary for a good SEO. Using Ahrefs you can find your hurting backlinks, competitor backlinks, many backlink opportunities and every other think you may want to know about your backlinks in your niche.

Keyword Research

Ahrefs allows you to find your target keywords easily. Find your SERP position, a keyword’s monthly search, its difficulty, similar keywords and many keyword opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

Ahrefs is not limited to keyword and backlink analysis. Using competitive analysis in Ahrefs you will find what keywords your competitors are getting organic search traffic trough. Also it suggests you what keywords can bring you new visitors if you create some content about them. This tool will be your favorite if you are a content marketer.

Content Research

Use this section to find out what contents are generated about your target keyword and how did your competitors optimizations on the content. You will find good ideas for your new content.

Rank Tracking

Compare your website’s rank on different keywords and compare it to your competitors. You will also find these data illustrated on Ahrefs.

Site Audit (New)

Website Audit is a new feature by Ahrefs. Ahrefs will crawl your websites, find your on-page SEO failures and helps you to fix them. Do not underestimate power of on-page SEO.

Give it a try!

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