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Ad Mobile

If you are in any business that has to deal with mass marketing on the internet, there is one thing you should always consider. It’s the way your competitors are advertising the same thing you’re selling. 

Their experience can show you the way to your way to success. But you’re going to need spies for getting that kind of information. That’s were tools like Adplexity mobile come into play.

The tools that can play an investigative detective’s role for you, providing you information about your competition’s ad campaigns on the net, have many names. Ad trackers, spy tools, and ad monitoring software are just some of those names. 

 Adplexity mobile is a tool that provides that data for you. It gathers data of similar ad campaigns from 75 countries worldwide, uncovers profitable and successful ad campaigns on mobile pop-up resources, and guides you in deciding your best course of action and designing an effective mobile ad for yourself. 

What does an ad tracker do?

What these tools essentially do is getting you in-depth information about ad campaigns in different specialized markets with various purposes and target audiences. 

 Adplexity is one of those tools, and one of the services it provides is its mobile service: Adplexity mobile.

Why focus on mobile resources?

No matter what business you’re involved in, one of the most effective ways of advertising your products, services, or content is mobile pop-ups. 

 These promotional notifications have become a part of people’s day-to-day lives due to our extreme attachment to our smartphones.

Finding the best strategy and why it matters

But how can you decide what’s the right strategy for promotion on mobile traffic resources? If you put too few notifications and pop-ups, people might miss you. If you put too much, people might get annoyed and disable you or the promoting apps.

You should also know the correct markets and ways of communication. What’s the right strategy here?

Adplexity Mobile Features

  • Filtering ad campaigns by keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks
  • Determining the devices targeted by mobile resource ad campaigns.
  • Reverse engineering successful ad campaigns by studying publishers.
  • Analyzing the data you gather
  • Finding and analyzing successful ad campaigns by outgoing URLs, downloading landing pages, and exploring all ad campaigns in a particular affiliate network.
  • And many more tools, charts, graphs, data, and information.
  • Recognizing where the advertisers are buying traffic resources and making a cost-benefit optimized decision.
  • Recognizing ad trends

Matter Of Price

However, there is one problem: Adplexity mobile comes at a whopping cost of $199 per month. Most people and smaller companies (and even some big ones) can’t afford such an expensive consulting service price. But worry not, for we’re here to help. 


By group-buying Adplexity mobile service, you can have all the benefits and useful features mentioned above for a fraction of that price. Contact us and see our plans. We would help you get this service for a much more reasonable and economical price.