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AudioBlocks Group Buy

AudioBlocks is the music library of a bigger content collection called StoryBlocks, which also includes VideoBlocks and StoryBlocks Images.

With AudioBlocks, you’ll have access to limitless royalty-free licenses to more than 100000 songs, loops, samples, and sound effects. Downloading the audio files is possible whenever you want and wherever you want. You also get to keep the downloaded files and use them in different projects.

When you use AudioBlocks, there’s no need for worrying about copyright licensing problems. The amount of music available for download is unlimited, which is a great deal, especially for filmmakers, YouTubers, freelancers, and multimedia professionals.


  • High-quality loops, sound effects, and music clips
  • Diverse format of files, including MP3 and WAV
  • Professional material selection
  • Both professional producers and beginners can enjoy easy and unlimited access to content
  • No license restrictions
  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Ideal for sound design professionals and beginners
  • An excellent shortcut for producers with countless sound effects of all kinds
  • Affordable price
  • More sound effects and tracks than other subscription content services
  • Different genres of music such as electronic, hip-hop, orchestral, and techno.
  • A huge collection of field recordings such as ambiance, whooshes, and so on

How does AudioBlocks work?

AudioBlocks has an audio search feature that allows you to filter some options and find your desired audio file more easily. There are different moods such as dark, happy, epic, love, playful, sad, serious, relaxing, and so one.

There are also options to sort the audios by instruments, like guitar, bass, percussion, vocals, woodwind, piano, and so on. Another way you can filter results is through genres: ambient, cinematic, horror, jazz, and many more.

The audio you download from AudioBlocks can be used in any business and is completely royalty-free, unlike CC licenses,

which don’t let you profit from your work. Another good thing about AudioBlocks is that it’s got no audio watermarks like

other services. Apart from all that, AudioBlocks interface is very user-friendly, and there’s the option of customizing your searches.

This helps you find the music you want in a shorter amount of time. All in all, AudioBlocks is a smart choice to get a big

package of music with the smallest budget. Seotech’s AudioBlocks group-buy plan is also available for an easier,

more affordable experience of this fantastic tool. If you get a group-buy subscription, you’ll save even more

money and will have access to an unlimited source of audio content.