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A guide to use SEMrush for blog SEO

semrush for blog

We have already fully described SEMrush tool which is a necessary tool needed by active bloggers. Since SEMrush for blog has a determined cost, we provide you cheap and high quality SEMrush for blog group buy service.

This post gives you some guides to use SEMrush for blog and so, raise your blog rank in search engines.

First, we mention some problems with blogs and the advantages of SEMrush for blog for and improving keywords ranking.

The role of semrush for blog in improvement of keyword ranking

A major problem with old blogs not focusing on SEO is weak keyword ranking.

A major part of the traffic of these blogs originates from random posts; however, the keywords directing traffic to these posts are not known. This is a missing knowledge that can be so helpful.

Before 2013, specific keywords did not have any role in blog posts and most of the old blog posts are ranking for random keywords. They can be in different positions and pages including the fire page, second page, third page, etc.

This guide can help you detect the keywords these posts are ranking for and modify the rankings. So, follow this guide.

Getting started SEMrush for blog

The first step is buying SEMrush for blog account.

After logging in, you should fill the “domain name” in search field and click “full report” of organic words. Then, you will be provided with the money and traffic keywords you are ranking for in addition to other details including traffic estimate, AdSense CPC, keyword position, traffic percentage, keyword trends.

The second step is sorting the report depending on out specific goal. For example, we can do this in terms of keyword position.

The reason for doing so is moving the results from the second page to the first, and CTR-increase of Google Search can help you to get more clicks. In the case of focusing on getting more traffic, sorting the report based on keyword trends is a good solution.

Also, sorting by keyword CPC is used for raising AdSense income.

The next step is to create a list of all the needed URLs. A spreadsheet can be used for making a list of URLs, positions, and keywords.

SEMrush position checker helps to detect the keyword ranking and observe the result of your actions and for this purpose you should add the keywords into SEMrush.

Hence, SEMrush can provide important information about the site including traffic keywords, money keywords, and keywords we are ranking for.

The next purpose is modification of keywords ranking.

Yoast SEO plugin can be used for optimization of posts for keywords. I have already provided a guide to Yoast SEO plugin which will protect your on-page SEO.

In order for long time preservation of keyword ranking, you can add images, videos, slides and raise the quality of your content as much as possible.

Link building

Backlink building is very important for raking improvement.

The technique of guest blogging campaign can be used for keyword ranking improvement and getting high quality links. This technique has significant results.

Social media marketing

Nowadays, social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is a good way of keyword ranking improvement. Sharing the posts in social media should be continued at regular intervals of 7-10 days. You can also ask the readers to share and bookmark the posts.

Relevant contents

In the case of getting traffic for specific keywords, creating more relevant posts and interlinking them is a good way to raise the ranking.KWFinder can be also used for this purpose.

The last step is to review and evaluate the efficiency of SEMrush for your blog.

Further uses of SEMrush

SEMrush can be used for detecting the data of popular sites based on their relevance to your, creating more keywords to get more traffic and higher advertisement income.

SEMrush still proves to be an appropriate tool for active bloggers due to its advantages and it proves to worth money.

Inform us about your experiences of using SEMrush and your SEMrush group buying experience in your comments. if you interest in our seo group buy tools extension please visit this page.

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