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Top 5 Rank Tracking Tools You Should Use in 2024

rank tracking tools

Even if your website content is top-notch and you’re using keyword searching tools in the best way possible, you still won’t know if all of that effort is doing any good or not. To know that, you’d need to track your rankings in the SERPs.

By using rank tracking tools, you’ll be able to improve your SEO and get much better results for your business. Here, we’ve made a handy list of some of the best SEO rank tracking tools you’ll need to change your website rankings for the better.

  1. SEMrush

You’ve definitely heard of this great tool by now SEMrush is simply one of the best keyword rank tracking tools used today, but it’s not just that: The rank tracking tools available to you with SEMrush let you track your website’s daily rankings for target keywords.

semrush position tracking
SEMrush tracks your position and the position of your competitors.

This tool is also great because it allows for choosing a specific location and device type. Finding your competition is made easy as well, letting you keep track of local competitors.

To get this SEO rank tracking tool without the annoying limitations, try our SEMrush  group buy.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs doesn’t even need an introduction; it speaks for itself. Ahrefs’ rank tracking tool allows for monitoring your google rankings in 170 different countries.

To do so, you should only import your list of keywords, add countries for each keyword, and your competitions’ URLs. This will track your data to compare your rankings with your competitors and get updated reports. This rank tracking tool has also made it possible to track both desktop and mobile rankings.

Ahrefs rank tracking tools
Ahrefs rank tracking tools lets you find high-traffic keywords you can rank for.

The cost of Ahrefs tools is a lot, with the Lite version being at 99$ for each month and isn’t even good enough for professional use. The Standard plan will cost you 179$ per month and the Advanced plan is 399$ monthly. The Agency plan is 999$ monthly, which is great for professional use but very expensive.

But there’s no need to worry. With our Ahrefs premium account group buy, you can pay a fraction of the price and enjoy all the tools Ahrefs has to offer with totally unlimited access.

  1. Serpstat

If you’re looking for an SEO rank tracking tool that does it all, Serpstat is a perfect choice. Serpstat tracks everything: It monitors your webpage rankings on a daily basis, plus doing the same with your competitors’ websites.

Each day, you get a report of your last position in the SERP and you can even check your website rankings in different locations and languages. It tracks keywords and analyzes competitors’ data and does search analysis all in one.

What else does it do? Serpstat is a rank tracking tool that also gives you the chance to do advertising analysis to find out what kinds of ads are good to ensure the best engagement possible.

Serpstat is more affordable, with their plans starting from only 69$ a month. Still, this may be a high cost for many, so if you wish to have this tool with everything it comes with, you can use our reliable group-buy plan.

  1. LinkResearchTools

Need an SEO rank tracking tool to have the complete link analysis and link building tools in one? LinkResearchTools is one of the greatest SEO rank tracking tools that can help you analyze your internal and external links and do link building in the fastest way possible.

Build a link profile and delete useless and damaging links. It protects you from negative SEO and lets you stay away from Google penalties. Honestly, what’s not to love about LinkResearchTools?

The subscription plans of this rank tracking tool start from 2000€ per year and move up to 28000€. Needless to say, our group-buy service is here to take care of the pricing for you.

  1. LinkAssistant

Start tracking without limitation with LinkAssistant, a fantastic rank tracking tool that looks for search engine rankings and finds popular keywords.

It tells you your SERP position with only one click. Something that used to take hours of manual checking has been made so easy that even those who are just starting their businesses can do it without getting confused.

LinkAssistant rank tracking tools
LinkAssistant rank tracking tools update you on your position and how much your ranks have improved or not.

One other feature is that this SEO rank tracking tool compares your position to 5 or 10 (depending on your subscription plan) of your competitors’. Each time you check your position, LinkAssistant lets you know if it has moved up or down the SERP.

By using this rank tracking tool, you’ll have 23 different tools at your disposal. Monitor keyword positions and get daily reports on your rankings.


Because ranking is a very big measure of success, it’s important to make the best use of a good keyword rank tracking tools to make sure you’re moving up in the SERP, not going down or staying on one spot. check our previous post about Top 5 SEO Analytics Tools.

At Esolution.center, we offer these rank tracking tools at the best price for everyone: those already established and those who want to make a name for themselves.

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