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Which group buy SEO tools are useful for voice search SEO?

voice search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to online and offline businesses. Optimizing for voice search is also essential, its importance for large and local small businesses is obvious. People often use voice search while driving, asking questions about business location, store hours, etc. Analysts predict that by 2021, voice searches will account for 50 percent of all searches. So, if you haven’t invested in voice search optimization and it has not been part of your SEO strategy yet, it’s time to fix that. Keep reading this article to understand what is voice search SEO and which group buy SEO tools are useful for it.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice Search is a technology that allows users to search a voice command just using their voices instead of typing. It works through automatic speech recognition (ASR) system that transforms voice signal into text. Then Google uses the text as a usual query and proceeds with what it does the best the search itself. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft created voice technologies and aliases like Siri and Alexa to be your sidekick that helps you find information on the web. An example of voice search could be like this, “Hey Google, where’s the nearest ATM?”. In this voice search you are asking Google, a search engine, to search the web for an answer.

Voice search is considered as one of the fastest-growing types of search. 55% of Internet users do voice search to ask questions on a smartphone, and about 40% of U.S. users operate a voice assistant at least once a month.

Why is voice search getting popular?

The main reason behind importance of voice search is its ability to find information and complete tasks more efficiently without requiring much efforts from users. The average person can type around 40 words per minute, but can speak around 150 words per minute, allowing for greater specificity with less effort. Therefore, its efficiency in Googling makes this trend much popular. Other reason is its integration with emerging products and technologies. On the whole, according to the research study conducted by Google, 4 reasons are mentioned for why consumers are using voice search more frequently:

  • Ability to multitask easily
  • Ability to finish tasks more quickly and efficiently
  • Allows users to get answers and information instantly
  • Makes their daily routine easier

Which group buy SEO tools are useful for voice search SEO?

Before you can start optimizing for voice search, you need to do research on what specific keywords and phrases increase your presence on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). For this purpose, we recommend you to use Ahrefs and SEMrush which are the one of the best SEO tools for finding Keywords. In the followings the usability of these best group buy SEO tools for Voice search SEO are discussed by details.

1. Optimizing Voice Search by using Ahrefs group buy SEO tool

There is no direct way to see how many people search for a specific keyword by voice. Also, Google doesn’t provide this data for us, and there is not any keyword search tool. But a thing that we sure is that voice search technology is still quite primitive and that we’re mostly limited to using voice search for simple questions, like: When was running invented?, How far away is the gym?, How much protein powder is too much? and Where can I buy swimming goggles?,…

For that reason, voice search SEO is mostly about finding, answering, and optimizing for relevant questions that people might be asking. There are three approaches to achieve that.  “Finding the question people are asking”, “Finding questions you already rank for” and “Finding questions that competitors rank for”.

  • Find questions you already rank for

In case your site is already ranking high for popular questions, these are opportunities for voice search optimization. The reason is that Google find most voice search answers from one of the top-ranking pages. In order to find that question, follow the approach in Ahrefs:

Site Explorer > enter your domain > Organic Keywords > filter top 5 rankings > filter for keywords that include words like “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” “how,” etc.

organic kw ahrefs search

  • Find questions that competitors rank for

But if competitors are ranking for questions that you don’t rank for, then it’s probably because they’ve answered questions you haven’t. In order to discover these question, paste a few competing domains into Content Gap tool in Ahrefs and put your domain into the “But the target doesn’t rank for…” part at the bottom.

find content gap ahrefs for voice search optimization

You should see keywords where competing domains rank, but you don’t. You can then filter for question-type keywords that include words like “who,” “what,” “why,” “how,” etc, like a following figure.

  • Find other questions

In most of the cases, there are questions that neither you nor your competitors rank for. For finding these types of question you can use Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer and type in a few ‘seed’ keywords related to your site’s topic, then go to the Questions report.

Find other questions ahrefs for Optimizing Voice Search

For instance, if your site is bout SEO, you could consider keywords such as “SEO,” “link building,” and “keyword research”.

2. Optimizing Voice Search by using SEMrush

Other important factor in Optimization of Voice Search is the speed of site. SEMrush found that web pages which loaded significantly faster than the average page in the same SERP were chosen as the most relevant answer to the search query. In this case, slow and steady does not win the race. If you want to be heard in voice search, you need to make sure that your page loads as quickly as possible. Therefore, SEMrush could help you to achieve that. buy semrush group buy here.

Since Voice Search is a new form of marketing, it is important to hire an SEO agency that specializes in voice search optimization. Moreover, it is essential to utilize professional Group Buy SEO tools. However, problem is that getting reliable group buy is a bit hard these days. Still, you don’t need to worry. We provide Group buy SEO service that help to boost your Voice Search and online business, Esolution.Center, Private SEO Tools Group Buy Provider. Enjoy Using All SEO Group Buy Like a Ghost.


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