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Introduction to SEO check tools

seo check tools

Let’s not kid ourselves. Like any other competitive platform, the internet is a market, even more than that; it’s a free market. Every content, no matter what subject it covers and what area it operates in, is nothing but a good, something to sell, and the currency isn’t money, it’s people’s time and attention. So, accepting this metaphor of the internet being a vast market, what are the market advisors? The answer is rather clear and distinct: SEO check tools.

What you, being a content creator of any kind, aspire and try to do on the internet is to get people’s attention. But if you want your product of texts and images to be seen and experienced, you need them to be placed in massive, grand significant marketplaces, Marketplaces such as google, yahoo, and other big search engines.

These search engines are where the act of purchasing internet content happens. Depending on which shelf your content belongs to, your chances of being seen or ignored vary immensely.

SEO check tools guarantee a right, visible place, on front rows, for your content in searching engines. But what’s SEO, what are SEO check tools, and what exactly do they do?

What is SEO?

SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization”. in the broadest of definitions, all the rules, regulations, advice, and bullet points that help a web page go higher on search engine results.

It’s a form a knowing and abusing search engine algorithms. But don’t feel guilty. Everybody does it. By knowing which kinds of webpages a search engine like Google shows on the first page of search, you can engineer and manufacture your content so that for a particular keyword, your page reaches that glorious first page of google results.

Now you should know that SEO optimization isn’t enough for your content’s recognition. There are various other factors involved in achieving such a goal, the most important of which is your content quality.

But it is an essential and crucial first step, without which you won’t have any chance on the marketplace of the internet.

What are the SEO check tools?

Achieving such a goal of tailoring your text in a way that it exactly matches the determining factors a search engine algorithm is looking for, is not easy for a human being. That’s where SEO check tools come into play.

SEO check tools
SEO check tools are cruical for internet market competetion

What are the SEO check tools? Well, they’re tools and software that check your webpage for SEO optimization (it’s in the name, isn’t it?).

They’re your very own personal investigators. They guide you to make essential changes in your content, making it suitable for search engine recognition.


What do SEO check tools do?

SEO check tools provide several suggestions, recognize harmful patterns for search engine optimization, and investigate your page’s potential of being placed higher than similar contents in search engine results.

SEO tools cover various technical and standard fields, and there are specific tools for specific needs. But overall, this is what most of them cover:

  1. Keywords: Choosing the right keywords that are not already taken by mega-giant sites and is also likely to be searched by users and are relevant to your content is half the job of SEO optimization. SEO check tools investigate and find the best and most suitable keyword for your content.
  2. Backlinks: These are links from other sites to your site. Having these is excellent for SEO optimization, and SEO tools regularly monitor their existence.
  3. Ranking: Some SEO tools are for ranking different websites. This way, you have a firm grasp of how the battlefield looks and then can make the best decisions for your goal.
  4. Social media: There are SEO check tools that analyze social media traffic and potential for increasing a web page’s placement in search engine results, and produce good suggestions and solutions for social media account managers.
  5. Traffic: Some of the most used SEO tools, monitor the traffic of different web pages and consult you for your best path ahead based on that data.


What are the different kinds of SEO check tools? 

Based on what we discussed above, there are different SEO tools for different needs and data. Bellow, you can see the general categorization of SEO check tools:

  1. Keyword research tools

these are tools that, as mentioned above, investigate and suggest the best keywords for your content. Some of the more popular tools such as nature include google keyword planner, Keyworddit, kwfinder, Alsoaked, and KeywordSurfer.

Keyworddit, one of the most frequently used keyword research tools
  1. Link building tools

These SEO check tools help you acquire more links and backlinks for your web page. Scraper, Streak, HARO, and Aherfs broken link checker are in this category.

  1. Technical tools

these SEO tools help you find and resolve more technical SEO issues of your website. Screaming frog, Google search console, GTmetrix, and Semrush are some of the SEO check tools for more professional needs.

  1. Rank checking tools

as discussed earlier, there are tools dedicated to monitoring websites’ ranking on search engines. SERP checkers are in this group.

  1. Analytic tools

these SEO tools make you informed on your website’s data. Google Analytics is probably the most famous tool of such nature, but there are other tools such as Keyword Hero and Google data studio for meeting this need.

Analytic tool
The most famous Analytic tool is, unsurprisingly, for Google.
  1. On-page SEO tools

These tools help you in the field of single-page search engine optimization. They include SEO tools such as Rank Math, SERPSim, “Google’s rich result test,” and so on.

  1. Local SEO check tools

as it’s self-explanatory from the name, these tools come handy for local SERP fields. “Google my business” is the most famous of these SEO tools.


if the internet is a free market of content, then the search engines are the marketplace, the currency is all the clicks, and SEO check tools and business consultors. Without them, it’s impossible to be seen and be successful in this market.

We can help you get many of these group SEO tools for a much lower price than their original price tag, mostly by group buying them. Contact us and find out more.

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